Days Till Summer Ends

2080180emgbdyh6sjStill distaught over finding my work palgerized by a woman who unabashedly signed the work that I labored over through out the day. In between having the flu, reseach, and the many dead lines I had that day to complete! After publishing copies and goings to bed, I found my work repenned in another’s legal name! So much for all the laws

In This Electronic World

my time …

Welcome … ! This is the very first post. A … still working out the bugs. I am not used to having issues. Yet, there tends to be a learning curve with most sights – anymore. Which is why I am over here in the first place. After studying on-line through the years – I am in the mist of starting anew. While I erase the trail that trackers have been trying to pin on the Internet users, for nearly decades (more) now!