Speaking One’s Opionion

Life Not Minding That Others

Speaking Ones Opinion … “Replay The” … Memories Of Life’s “Tape”

In Our Mind And You Will See Who You Are …

Fallacy: is an error in

reasoning that renders an argument logically invalid

Because I am made this way … I get it from my mom!”

“The Way,” The Truth, Of Life.”

This point is something I have avoided my whole life. Yet, as I listen, and read and live … I believe in my own mind’s insight. And when the outlandish conceptions, and laws, and poll’s results, seize the gut feelings of what apathetic and popular views reveal, I am compelled, to at least list my own, and view for myself, to start! So, I have plenty of notes and  have been fairly consistent through the years in my stance. So with a little more time to work out the kinks at being a newbie here. I hope to start divesting my …

… thoughts that needed to balance opinions at large.


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