What I…

I really would have rather to never have posted my work any where. I spent years working and toiling and researching and holding  jobs that futhered my experience and insight into reading my own thoughts! Stop stealing and search your soul!

Find who you are and not who you are pretending to be! Stop stealing and search your soul! The words you have stolen are not you – no not even the  style is you! You are pretending you are some one whose work you covet! You are not allowing yourself to be! You are pretending to be some one other than your self because you are not pleased with who you have become! So, you have resorted to giving up on your self and choosen to what anothers words to mask as you! Now, I have known your name as you appear to admire others! Raise the bar – believe you are capable and you will never think of needing anothers words to say what it is that what to say as your self. Then you will never have to be a violator of the copyright laws!

I read my style and format and even my words in those who want to sound like some thing they are not. “The owner” of what they saw in my works. To see them take credit – with no shame attached to their disception. “It is telling of their lifes work!” They copy and will never be honest to themselves or their loved one! They copy works of others. Anyone reading will see they saw and chose to steal my penned works.



“It Is Clear Kathy Wakile Has Not Learned … Yes, we can still see through you – the ruse that is truly Kathy Wakike!”

We Did Not Even Have To Read Between The Lies!

Until Kathy Wakile Meets Kathy Through Telling Herself Her Truths …

Still “twisting-and-slanting-phrase’s in the most self-serving-Kathy-Wakile way!” I know the “twisted and slanted version of “the rewind button” phrase is right out of (copyrighted) phase of “moi-own!” From my Bravo post writing pages! Anything to make ones self appear important – relevant Kathy Wakile! “The farewell ‘spiel’” was “‘alluded’ to a ‘contrived’ ‘audience’” of well wishers and admirers. Strange – as if deluding herself – is the gist of her whole existences!

Hopefully with all the free time “KaMo” has coming she will “replay the tapes” to learn that she was the issue! Kathy Wakile the “‘nemesis’-cousin(s)” along with the “nonsensical relations” reared their ugly heads and their spoils of vanity and self-centered and self-importance for notoriety!

The constant diatribes of her cousin Teresa to promote herself for whatever she could absconded from Teresa’s sole rightful place on the planet! This was the driving force that lead Kathy Wakile ego! Kathy Wakile reckoned she could gain the fame and popularity and all the riches and fame could be her personal oyster! As soon as she could yank it from “Guidice’s” grasp!

“Heck of a deal!”


“Pay attention?” Sophia …

“Pay attention, please!” Was the quote from “D!” (It got a table flipped in defending the honor of Don-Caro!) “Ah, those them there are ‘fighting words!’” Forcing fans for Mego?

Not one member of Mego family had honor to state it was an insane position to jump on live television! Only to be on display! It was self-serving, self-centered and egotistical [3. egotistical – indifferent to the well-being of others … !] Which is why the vast majority is appalled at the Gorga’s lack of compunctions!

To portray a family’s unholy union for a viewing public to witness! It was a harebrained idea conceived by the Gorga’s! Because of their envies and greed to be a spot light. They hungered for notoriety! Teresa’s spot was the only one that they could raid! It was damaging to Joe’s parents – Mego! How the Gorga’s can hold their head’s up is beyond any one of honor and truth and logic!


I can see this!

She is different! She no longer displays being a sweet soul. Sorry she can not understand she has been making a mockery of herself!


Yes, Jax has more hate than love in her heart.

Or she would allow every thing and one a pass. So her child could be the center of her world. The persons vying in her behalf are confused! Their posts had nothing to do with the “Championing The Cause For Autism!”

The negative comments were focused on running Teresa’s down! There was nothing wholesome about the posters remarks. Their agenda’s were to throw smoke-screens to defend their – clan – Jaco!

Possible future post to further “support the Autism cause:”

~The children of “Autism” needs our prayers and donations. Thank you so very much for your care and concern! Parents also need your prayers as you seek them out show support in their hardship. Revere their strength in their enduring a valiant struggle. While they are commended in our prayers!©~


Hi there H_h_hbroken!

Rosie should be confronted with some sort of legal violation! The threats are on tape! “Replay the tapes!” Although, the majority of viewers do not need to replay tapes to state the truth! “Rosie screamed to the point of sounding-horse!” We are not surprise that Rosie acts this way. This is who Rosie believes she is – endearing and devoted and as well as loyal! This is just more of why Bravo hires these kind of people. The people seeking out Bravo’s lime light tend to seem to not have couth!

Bravo is sure if they were to raise the bar – they would have no viewers. So, they made it their aim to scrape the bottom of the barrel in an attempt-to-infuse riots-for-ratings! Remain in-tune to Bravo “debased social ploys” and you will remain “in the loop of Bravo’s antics!”

Now let us deal with those “fabricated” Teresa’s blame! “Like her – do not want to like her!” “Stop implying” you are privy to Teresa’s “imaginary” error’s, fault’s, sin’s, greed, self-centered, “alluding that she started” anything! This is “fabricated blame” – “spoiled-sports” – “spout to spread” – “innuendos” to smear the “Teresa’s of the world!”

The “Teresa’s of the world” is an “colloquialism” meaning that “those whom are not cared for” are thrown into a lot and labeled horrific, rotten, slanderous names in order to spread rumors about them! Yes, this is what “those who run Teresa through the mud are guilty” of “rumor-mills! Doing it over and over again! Yes, we see you posting false facts over and over again!

These are also rumors.


I thought she was trying to regroup to where she started. A nice lady (whom did give “Ra-moi” a benefit of the doubt) until she found what everyone said about Ramona was true and devastating! Then she lashed out!

This “instance” Ramona agreed with Aviva. As I thought Ramona was “acting” on her pretend – calm “stance.” Ramona has to be privy to these and all blogs and noticed the public are calling … ” a spade a spade!”©


Hello, yes, I too, am happy that “Aviva took on the nasty, vile, dreaded broken record Ramona!” Year in and year out: Ramona’s twisted – slant on facts, brought on by her tied-on – drinking-binges – her “MO.” The displaced Sonja (needed NY shows monies) so – she leaned into “NY-SH,” as the pathetic position of basking in “repudiated” lime light of that “despicable” – “disreputable” Ramona.

A note that is forgotten or rather just an over sight, Ramona’s same-old huffy, rude, insulting style of confronting persons she feels like calling to task. “Reared its ugly head” as usual. When she called Aviva out; and sent her lovely gentleman of a husband into exile! This “outlandish” maneuver shocked the couple.

As for Aviva and her dad mentioned behaviors in the array of scathing upheaved remarks! They fit right in with all the Gorgas and every series shows antics! Whose is kidding whom? So, this is Bravos gambit. The women make the paycheck, the more depraved they are they win.Miss Andy is not homeless as he long as he pretends he is as surprised and shocked and reviled with the mass. Andy’s and his guest pretenders get to revel in their on-air time and feel the fame from agreeing with the bogus series. And poor unsuspecting cast mates get thrown over and out … ©



I feel that Aviva was stunned by the rude awaking of meeting some of Ramona’s caliber. We forget Ramona’s has been throwing spanner in the works. Aviva is going to be fine once the dust settles. Ramona reputation precede her. All of the NY elite is privy to her antics.

There is no way a mother could spin tales around true events that only a daft child could accept. Her daughter’s day of reckoning is looming. Ramona’s husband has lost his sense of virility and his buddy’s are aware of the demonic plague that he calls his reunion. Masculinity has left him and his empty manhood shell accepts that his life style is the best that he deserves.

I am agreeing with you too!©


Yes! Of course I will!

I have not been able to take Kathy at face value. Kathy said she talked with the four immediate members of her family about how it was advantageous for them – the Wikies to join the show. Never, once did she mention that it was invasive to her cousins privacy and livelihood!

I did not want to forget to mention the lack of love Kathy showed for Teresa’s whole family! That being Kathy’s aunt, her own mother’s relationship with her adult relative whom ever that is – I am unsure, her cousins children! Teresa then having to face “the firing squad of the in-laws invasion – that cussed sister-in-law and the rest of them!.

”Now that QVC has chosen to lay down with you know whom – (pigs!) They too, will stink – whice was Kathy’s remark about Teresa. So, I was playing on that captured phrase Kathy quote “copied” from the “coined” infamous phrase. Kathy said “lay down with pigs – you know what you will get!” Kathy was jabbing Teresa implying that Teresa is filthy-guilty, about Jax’s and perhaps Caroline also, even, along that line!

P.S. Also, on a totally separate note! But “annoying” all of us never-the-less! “My friends and I have” been observing my post repeatedly being redubbed-fact! “[There is some one who has been following me around and copying my penned style and passing it off as her own! The nerve!]” So, I was taking the liberty of squeezing in “the reference of noticing and went on recorded as having been repeated annoyed!” Thus the remark: “I can quote my own “coined” words and writing style because it is mine; and it is not copyrighting!” Yes, it was off topic but I was hurrying to get the message across as I needed to get through to get to other pressing matters! I was trying to “kill two birds with one stone” – adage – along that same vein! “Ha, ha, ha!”

P.S.S. Since I was rushing at work and did not take the time to proof or and spell check. “I was assured” that everybody would know what was meant. It is a chore to grasp what others are on about many times also! Lol. But if it is not in “good company” here – where – Bravo? Lol. In the future — I will not be worried or offer a personal re-write for any other! Lol I have work in the morning and this was my evening to get to sleep early! Did not make It! Darn! Lol … !

I was beginning to feel like “The infamous scare-a-crow!” Bits and pieces of me were being found all around the net. Friends were supportive but unable to render a solution. “Head-on, is always best!”

“Sincerely Yours,” Moi!©


No, you got this one right. Money … along with “Bravo” in-the-mix. Bringing in the family to air their problems.”B” was anti-mom. She also seemed to feel the need to “one-up” and “show up” her mom’s. The bar was pretty high. The observation of “wanted nothing to do with the show” — I never took Briana at face value.

I do not trust the feelings and the words that she has spoken. The time she supposedly cried on the guy’s shoulder, was laughable. It was an attempt to show herself in a sincere light as a genteel woman. Vickie needed to run for cover because those two were positioning themselves for stardom!©


“Truly, one has to live and let live!” We all have to step back and “breathe a breath of hope.” To be a friend in need – allow people the freedom to be human! Teresa flipped a table because she was “in ‘over drive’ to defend Dina” and what has now come to light to be “‘Dina’s motley crew’ of a family!” That is the extent of Teresa’s faults or sins or imperfections since you insist on demonizing her personality and character! As for “the whole of her being” lets leave it at “a human being making the best of her life being human” like the majority of us here!

In response to the “self absorbed and a hypocrite” remark; no more so than you or I or most on the planet. “Truly, one has to live and let live!” We all have to step back and “breathe a breath of hope.” To be a friend in need – allow people the freedom to be human! This is “the role of friendship” and or a “society” or in the case of the U.S.A. we are a melting pot for humanitarianism. We can not expect the population, or children, grandparents, extended families, new Americans, parolees and all walks of life and yes, the Bravo and it’s t.v, recruits personal to “man-up” (“man” in the universal term for society – collectively) when the bar is not held high for all walks of life to maintain!

When there are “hold-outs” with the “unrestrained self-delusions the ‘denoted-few’” whose “wanton and lacking proper ability to converse in a rational and civilized sane discussion the point is moot to achieving a sane honest dialogue!” If (when) a rational and civilized sane discussion become so jaded tainted by small-minded criticizing and dealing in nonsense; know then these are liars unwilling to deal properly and professional as well nobly. These are not the kind of persons that the majority of members of “a society wanted emulated!”

The “animosity and the halberd rancor over the Teressa’s and “escape goats” on Bravo – schools – nations – friends – people who are ostracized and single out to be made an example of: is envy!” Driven by insecurity couple with low self-esteem and always a deep-seated self loathing that the pursuer wants the lovely and endearing traits of the one they are desperately conniving to discredit and badger and harp and angle and beat the subject to death – to kill the spirit of the person being pursued!

The saying of misrepresented facts, along with repeating them and allowing them to be slanted and reinterpreted incorrectly. History we will always show the planted false naysayers, traitors, the maligning, calculated, deliberate, jealous, culprits! Like mud it is bound to dirty the victim with notions of some wrong doing. The proper name for that is: rumors!

We see it (them) every day the false statements that reiterates (Chuckle-Caro) well “Caroline ‘false-takes’ on what ‘really (“real reality!”) did happen.’” [A friend would sit {sit-with-her} on her blog page and walk her through where she has missed the marks and allow a reprieve to redeem herself – she has to start with: I (Caroline)digress – I plead the fifth – and I shall make amends and revoke the buffoonery and requests the time to make my image wholesome. Some thing like that – oh, and tell her children she is only human and fell down a slippery slope and even she needs to fashion a new take on an a gentler soul!]

Wanting the beauty, worthiness and gentleness and notoriety of another will not be ones by sleighing ones the desired target! Children are raised to toe the line, judges and law enforcement are there for every ones well-being. Caroline slanted versions peppered with false reciting of her takes of … whine, whine, whine, she is to blame would never hold up in court! Never – we have all seen the tapes. And we have seen Jac’s be destroyed by not being true to herself and well, right on down the line! Could you see the Principal, the minister, the P.T.A. meeting reaction to this debacle that has been played out in the about mentioned venues? Bravo caricatures you are on a recording device! Yet, forums, school committees and neighborhood circles, church groups even – and yes, Bravo, too, has nasty biting and vile, vipers low-lying groups ready to join the riff-raft of the “we will swear we are stating it ‘as’ ‘we say’ it is a gang!”©


Hello P__kv__w:

Think of the look on viewers faces when we all see the years play out. It is so nice know people this way! You get to see posts in people’s true colors! I like to see umpires all held to the same standards. If we all were to ever need a jury of our peers I would have to take a judge’s verdict!

You have to laugh Hey, I want to hear you scream like it was purported that you did! I doubt it! I do not think you have it in you! A sweet, soft-spoken, refined and orderly lady like yourself – I will defend you! All you have to do is call! Well, howler, shout, scream if need be! I will respond! Okay, little darling! Have a lovely day. And that is for every one!©


Here, here! Uh, was that spokes person acting as if Carol-Don was one of her fave peeps? The son goal for a car wash was mentioned as disdainful by many in many forums. Chuck slipped-in that she was not regarding the air time as a lost. Re: her spawns had reaped some “fab things from the outcome.”

T has a lovely family of girls it is not a far cry to see how this was a statement of honorable mention in any place she chose to state it! Carol-mite carries on about stupid, lame and trite nothingness! All the while not recognizing there are people suffering in her life long company. She has single handily done-in her husband, children, and that brother of hers they are pawns in her catty, woozy, heady world! She is not loving anyone but her ego!©


Hi there, oh, I have missed so many of the shows and cannot always catch up on time. If these women remember that the show is being taped they would realize the lies will be public record. I do feel so bad for this set of women it is as if they are standing in their way of true happiness. Seems poignant that they did not get a nicer portion of the “infamous pie.” Instead they have rated themselves out!©


I saw the clip where Dina’s face was contorted, snarling, screeching, a hateful blaming remark to Teresa. Asking: “so, you did not do anything to hurt my sister?” Something along those lines. I always felt “Teresa’s loyalties” to Dina, was why she got up in arm’s causing the table flipping scene. She had not been personally invested in the book incident. She did weigh in when Danny was miffed at being accosted by the gaggle of babbling, nosy, self-righteous, no body’s.

I “never” have trusted these sisters. They behave like no one we have ever meet personally. The one sister’s wedding – was so telling it seem obscenely obtuse.©


Teresa was saying:”I need the safety of our childhood. And the friendship and the love that we were always sure of in our youth. Well, before we knew the plights of this world.”

I perceive, when she said: “you are … (my) brother!”

PS: I enjoyed others responses, they were lovely!©



Something is up – with her! There are those whom are not buying MeGo nasty displays the entire seasons! Neither are we willing to turn a blind eye to a person who has displayed her agenda on public television!

Also, those who defend Mego need to question how it is that they are incapable of seeing what the rest of us saw! Even though we are not related, nor are we friends, nor fans. The facts have been well-defined! Mego and Gorgo have issues that are not any one’s fault but their own! That is the gist of it!

They wanted the lime light! Nothing more! No one else can be held accountable! Only the Gorgas’ over active ego’s. The Gorgas’ will not see their culpabilities! They plotted and it back fired. Everyone has to see the answers to a problem before it can be resolved. It does not mean blaming others!

If Joey does not get his wife off his sister’s case they will ruin they own marriage. Defending a marriage partner does not include allowing chaos to infuse itself in the family tree! Mego wants Teresa place! Mego wants to be above Teresa! Still, siblings are there long after divorce!

Man up Joey! Men make families work. It does not mean jerking members of the family around to suit you! Stop dictating what and how your sister should please you! It means being a mature and rational adult. Stop acting! Live the dream! Make amends!

Mego shut up! Stop play the center of “RHNJ!” While you are at it – stop acting! Stop playing victim! Your display of: “Joey, there is a man here!” “Joey do not come down here!” “What are you doing here Joey?” “I told you not to come down here, Joey!”

Your display to Andy: “I always wear my sparkly body jewelry!” “My gold frosted eye shadow!” “My bracelet that look like those that Teresa is wearing!” Those shoes that matched Teresa’s bathing suit shot? A lot of damage has been caused and it has your’s and your husband name all over it! While you both were trying to force Teresa’s to take “your blame – yet, again!”

Anyone who says otherwise… “you have shown your colors!”



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