Summer Changes Packed Away

46I am a summer person. I will start today saving for the move to a year around climate. I have always planned on a house on the water – Florida, Hawaii, or Texas. Now, I will bide my time!

Days Till Summer Ends

2080180emgbdyh6sjStill distaught over finding my work palgerized by a woman who unabashedly signed the work that I labored over through out the day. In between having the flu, reseach, and the many dead lines I had that day to complete! After publishing copies and goings to bed, I found my work repenned in another’s legal name! So much for all the laws

More Please


Post …

Yes! Of course I will!

I have not been able to take Kathy at face value. Kathy said she talked with the four immediate members of her family about how it was advantageous for them – the Wiklies to join the show. Never, once did she mention that it was invasive to her cousins privacy and livelihood!

I did not want to forget to mention the lack of love Kathy showed for Teresa’s whole family! That being Kathy’s aunt, her own mother’s  relationship with her adult relative whom ever that is – I am unsure, her cousins children! Teresa then having to face “the firing squad of the in-laws invasion – that cussed sister-in-law and the rest of them!.

”Now that QVC has chosen to lay down with you know whom – (pigs!)  They too, will stink – whice was Kathy’s remark about Teresa. So, I was playing on that captured phrase Kathy quote “copied” from the “coined” infamous phrase. Kathy said “lay down with pigs – you know what you will get!” Kathy was jabbing Teresa implying that Teresa is filthy-guilty, about Jax’s and perhaps Caroline also, even, along that line!

P.S. Also, on a totally separate note! But “annoying” all of us never-the-less! “My friends and I have” been observing my post repeatedly being redubbed-fact! “[Their is some one who has been following me around and copying my penned style and passing it off as her own! The nerve!]” So, I was taking the liberty of squeezing in “the reference of noticing and went on recorded as having been repeated annoyed!” Thus the remark: “I can quote my own “coined” words and writing style because it is mine; and it is not copyrighting!” Yes, it was off topic but I was hurrying to get the message across as I needed to get through to get to other pressing matters! I was trying to “kill two birds with one stone” – adage – along that same vain! “Ha, ha, ha!”

P.S.S. Since I was rushing at work and did not take the time to proof or and spell check. “I was assured” that everybody would know what was meant. It is a chore to grasp what others are on about many times also! Lol. But if it is not in “good company” here – where – Bravo? Lol. In the future — I will not be worried or offer a personal re-write for any other! Lol I have work in the morning and this was my evening to get to sleep early! Did not make It! Darn! Lol … !

I was beginning to feel like “The infamous scare-a-crow!” Bits and pieces of me were being found all around the net. Friends were supportive but unable to render a soultion. “Head-on, is always best!”

“Sincerely Yours,” Moi!