Days Till Summer Ends

2080180emgbdyh6sjStill distaught over finding my work palgerized by a woman who unabashedly signed the work that I labored over through out the day. In between having the flu, reseach, and the many dead lines I had that day to complete! After publishing copies and goings to bed, I found my work repenned in another’s legal name! So much for all the laws

The Fifty Marker

The Fifty Marker-Snake In The Grass Siteing

Image Start at 50 marker …

The rest is proof of something for a later date. Now I am proving a point that a low lying snake in the grass has been flying under the radar. Some may be fooled because of bia’s. I am gaining on it with a little bit more time everyone will see what I have seen. The fifty marker is the only point that I need posted for now.

Snake In The Grass Siteing The Fifty Marker

Start at … (The) Fifty Marker On Tape

Can-Not-Trust-Kathy, Snake In The Grass