Songs That Keeps Playing

The Song Is What I Heard Today ...


Miss Andy is the queen of denial! He always has  guest “yes man” sitting next  to a “SH.” Lables pro’s and con’s issues – referencing people! “Andy pretends to ‘act’ unsure” why  there is acrimony amoungst the series of casts. He has no ownership to being the biggest proponent to “Real Housewifes Wheels Going Off Track – By: “‘Lieing Andy’s’ – Intentional infliction of emotional distress” (IIED) is a tort claim.”

Andy wants distress! As if live interaction with the “want-to- be rich and five minutes of famers” can not hold their own for a few seasons. It started out so promising. A little dinner party here, a pool party there, and a few new faces that were not to harsh on the eyes. Miss Andy brained stormed chaos. I still would like to see nice families living productive and and conginal and stable life styles! All the persons geldded by the bravo network – undue castings of edited lies be retracted!