Days Till Summer Ends

2080180emgbdyh6sjStill distaught over finding my work palgerized by a woman who unabashedly signed the work that I labored over through out the day. In between having the flu, reseach, and the many dead lines I had that day to complete! After publishing copies and goings to bed, I found my work repenned in another’s legal name! So much for all the laws

Run Into Walls


… I have been soft spoken but I really just want to …  I have not reached a decision on how I would like to proceed …

“Run Cats, Run”

I stated posting “my more in depth thoughts,” and opinion and views and unique ideas on very prominent web sites. I have found very similar and verbatim reenactments of “my take of situations.” The posts are so unique and original, that they prove copyright infringements! I can show dates and times that  said posts lobby and site the offending copied interpretations that want to be like mine.

Let Her Cry – Hootie and The Blowfish

List of Copy right material from moi … The offending parties were on the same web sites as I. The site goes back to 2003, and the archives show the write styles, ideas, verbatim of all posters — and these are not the violaters styles, prose, vocabulary, or  selfs. It has really cause a lot of doupt as to wheather I should denote more effort into posting,  Since most of what has happened has been taken from what I stated. I will only vent for the time being. If I state to much they will know who I am. Because I was the newest and the most distance because it was so new to me. Now I ran into them here!

1. “I am made this way.” … I was made that way. I am the way I am. I’m supposed to care about … blah, blah, some slop about the offending party was  are dynamic, super feeling human being,  person, and thanks mom – lie!

2. Jaded … That’s now the catch word for those with a keen sence of how I described the topic we all were posting – now every thing and body is jaded”

3. Listing  …

PS: I did do one (some) things, as I begun to notice that I was being quoted, on a daily basis, I did do one thing (a lot of times.) … I started posting errors, real ones, blantant one, “I made sure that they woud spread like wild fire!” Then when I saw that it was going on message boards every where, I went back to the editor and and resumitted the correct revisions and voila! The topics changed and locked and in under the wire. I missed a few dead lines. But I made sure that others saw that the themes, ideas, style, and post stated with the topic we were debating. I was first in and I did not need any ones copied-stolen work.

PPS: I am very worn down I will catch up later this week.