She Had An Agenda

She had an agenda. That did not take brains. It does take “your place on the plant!” Bottled drinks from a chef? The buyers should have concocted their own swill to flog to the gullible public and slapped their dam brand on it. No, we not needs buy any thing from the buyers, “B.” Or allow Bravo to received residuals from the proceeds. To selling out your friends is liken to selling your soul! That is not a far reach!

She has not been a “kindly” soul! Oh, the kindly husband was not acting. Neither were his kindly parents! She screams “woes is me!” As she milked the heck out of those kindly trying to give a damn about her! Refuse to see “the wanna be” image “she devised” to “envelope” around her. With Jason and the many others roped in, she believes she is worthy! So, she desired to be lumped in the elite group term of “ladies.” This she concluded – “drinkers – drink” translated into “ladies drink” blah, blah lines she has been peddling!”

Using the terms “ladies” out of context! Verse the usual phrase! That being “using the term ladies” – loosely!

Days Till Summer Ends

2080180emgbdyh6sjStill distaught over finding my work palgerized by a woman who unabashedly signed the work that I labored over through out the day. In between having the flu, reseach, and the many dead lines I had that day to complete! After publishing copies and goings to bed, I found my work repenned in another’s legal name! So much for all the laws