Paintings within Paintings by Neil Simone



Born in London in 1947, Neil Simone studied graphic art and design at school. In 1969, whilst working on an exhibition for The Multi Occupational Training and Education Centre, he visited Harrogate and discovered the majestic scenery of North Yorkshire. Neil was so inspired by the town and its surroundings that by 1971 he had moved to Harrogate, where he lived and worked until 2003. Neil now lives, works and exhibits in a converted school in the village of Whixley, between Harrogate and York.

In an ongoing series of surreal landscape paintings, Simone paints ‘paintings within paintings’, a creative concept that lures the viewer into the artwork. You can see many more on his website and Facebook page.

On his site you will also find a list of signed prints, giclée prints and original works for sale.


paintings within paintings by neil simone (2)

Artwork by NEIL SIMONE
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