When I Have Time

3312406rb1gg3nnto… I will call her again and make the time to get together like we have been planning before the holidays. It use to be she that could never find the time for us. That was with her business take up all times of the day. Now, I am having the same issues with starting my new business.

At least we understand… maybe. I hope she knows that I am just so tired even when I sit down… yes, she must. This must have been the exhaustion she would have felt also.

If only she liked texting more than a phone call, then we could catch up. If only I could sit as you have asked me to. “Page-you” so you may just be in the same room with me, you will ask. I want to, really I do, I am just so tired. The way you must have been when I was missing you.

I will call as soon as I get over this flu!


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