Live In Color


Everyone of us is living with a mountain, a significant hurdle or obstacle. Where we differ is attitude. Does the mountain embolden you, fueling determination to rise above it, or stifle progress?

The bible says “As a man thinketh, so is he.” The genesis of progress evolves first within our minds, therefore the messages we tell ourselves internally have far reaching implications.

Begin speaking to your mountains – break down those pernicious obstacles one by one, instead of saying “I can’t” declare defiantly “I can.” As a child sometimes I would grow frustrated with small things, mumbling to myself, “I can’t do this,” and my father, in his encouraging way would say: “Take the word can’t out of your vocabulary.”

Affirmations might be dismissed by some as a “new-age hippie” panacea for lack of confidence, but immense power lies in the words we repeat to ourselves.
According to noomii

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