~~The Dawn Of Music~~

The Guitars are Strumming like Daggers into our HEARTS to get the upper hand on the instruments, As the Instrument of Choice. For they have ONE GOAL in MIND that is to WIN!!!  And WIN they shall, but on what Terms?
Most of Us Love Guitar Music. It has an EFFECT on us other musical instruments can’t, by VIRTUE of the Fact at sometime or another if we were interested in music at all, it was something we connected to. Strummed a few notes and either moved on to vocal or other instruments, but played around with for awhile. Strumming Patterns, I was told is “one aspect” of learning to play the guitar, usually taught to novice. All I am aware of is, if you want a Love Song, A Sad Song or Music to get you up on your feet, “this is one way to go”.
The Motion of this Instrument was…

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