Like Joy!


I like Adrienne! I like Kim. I like Mauricio, and Lisa, and Paul. Brandi, and Faye and Taylor and Yolanda and her husband. Yes, I really like Kyle and all of the series people! Along with all of their sweet children!

The facts have gotten mixed up! These people are really not much different from us! They really are not! They are making hasty judgement calls and labeling each other. These are not difficult problems to resolve! They will want to sit and watch – their truths – quietly! It is not; how it is being falsely purported!

It has become difficult to listen to the foul and poor choices of the remarks! Persons that are foreign to us. As foreign as the logic that comes from our statements. Now, how to not allow others errors to become our own! The answer is to not behave like those that we profess – we detest!772266w1l9z3yegi


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