Web Pages


The headers, footers, side bars, blinking, annoy nothingness blotting web pages are not smart! Duh! The faces staring back at those using the net are not helpful! It would seem that the creative minds that asked for the public’s input all these years would understand!

Use the finest web display that the ming would allow! After these near-decades, waste of time and bothersome antics of web developers should be barred and respected! Duh, respectfully!

The headers are to big! And chop the screen up! Also, white in the evening is annoying on web pages – noting this because it is not allowed that we change the margins and headers even though we black out the pages with dark background colors!Surf like the general public, and you would know these things!

Note: forcing us to see sign-in, sign-in, sign-in… is immature! We would, if we wanted too! Stop acting like the world population want to maintain a fifth grade level!

Clear the page! Let us think thoughts that we may explore and use our creative realms without dumb lay-outs on the whole web across the board! Surf, and you will see that this is true!

Get better! My home page is blank! “Ah!”


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