Pop Ups On Screen!

agcartoons52 As much as web sites are in their own way with lame ridiculous personal advertisements, dropping the offending page is so rewarding! At first, I was bothered that I could not surf the page.

Now, after this year, I get such a vast reward from “dropping the pop-ups pages!” As fast as I realize that the offending website flashes its rude advertising decal in our line of vision it pleases me to no end to cut them off the screen – for good!

What would allow a website to believe that their bothersome inquiries would be of interest to anyone. Who would stop what they are doing to agree to allow a pop-up to demand ones attention?

The inquiries on web pages to throw out sign-ins, to sign up for emails newsletters, pay-buy memberships, surveys and the alike… what is on their brain?

christmas019P.S. Sorry for typos, I am watching “Abby’s dance off! Abby… yeah! Baking all month, planning Christmas lists, decorating – tis the seasons – chores!



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