When I (´・_・`)

When I Started PostingWhen I started Listening … !

Rosie should be confronted with some sort of a legal violation! The threats are on tape! “Replay the tapes!” Although, the majority of viewers do not need to replay tapes to state the truth! “Rosie screamed to the point of sounding-horse!” We are not surprise that Rosie acts this way. This is who Rosie believes she is – endearing and devoted and also loyal! This Is just more of why Bravo hires these kind of people. The people seeking out Bravo’s lime light are uncouth!

Bravo is sure if they were to raise the bar – they would have no viewers. So, they made it their aim to scrape the bottom of the barrel in an attempt to infuse riots for ratings! Remain in-tune to Bravo “debased social ploys” and you will remain “in the loop of Bravo’s antics!”

Now let us deal with those “fabricated” Teresa’s blame! “Like her – do not want to like her!” “Stop implying” you are privy to Teresa’s “imaginary” error’s, fault’s, sin’s, greed, self-centered, “alluding that she started” anything! This is “fabricated blame” – “spoiled-sports” – “spout to spead” – “innuendos” to smear the “Teresa’s of the world!”

The “Teresa’s of the world” is an “colloquialism” meaning that “those whom are not cared for” are thrown into a lot and labeled horriffic, rotten, slanderous names in order to spread rumors about them! Yes, this is what “those who run Teresa through the mud are guilty” of “rumor-mills!” Doing it over and over again! Yes, we see you posting false facts over and over again!

They are spreading rummors!


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