U Better Wash Your Face!

Sincerely, the more it comes to my attention the more I realize I really need to wash my face as many times as I brush my teeth. (My teeth are so white now, I will have to start sharing that up date soon, also.) Well, after many brands of sun screens and noted facial creams, I have found the best regiment. And thing that is in my cabinet. No, your skin will not get confused. Like the huge take a lot will state (falsely) so that they may up sell you to the latest packaging and newest price increased promo line. (“Been there done that.”)

It is always said that my skin is so “…” and I have not understood00d the interest in my appearance. Until I have had to work in the sun this summer. To coordinate the garden to keeps in line with the thyme of the designing of the house. The job at hand required that I be on hand to over see the progress. So, more sun than is recommend! I been forced to pay more time to adding lotions to areas that need the sun screens and tans. No sunburn, but it was close.

That is when I saw with a magnifier glass never really bother with one, yet, there is a tiny freckle that the Doctor wants me to watch and test even. For cancer as it has run through my family like wild fire. Nothing yet, so, I still noticed that the small freckle seemed turn into two. So, my Doctor said that they have become two and I need to let him know is the color or numbers changes.

So, I have to apply the lotion around them! That is time consumings and I rather run in and out the door no fuss no muss. But they move by contact. My close family members have and others have had cancer. I being the younger, they dote on me. And explained that on the neck and face is skin being touched through facials, sun screen and the creams applies every day can and will transfer every where that is also touched.

So, for eight years I have taken time to carefully wash, scrub, and apply sunblock and the facial creams and lotions with a mirror. I am not as fussy as my lovely sisters. So, any routine is a drudge and I do not like applying the time. If it was make up, eyes, primping, hair I would run out that door and say forget it!

So, I am impressing the importance to the ladies in a nice and clean facial routine! The nose, gently around the eyes, and careful around the freckles, moles (the Doctor thinks mine is a mole-changing) I do not want to afford the tests because I have a big financial project on going. And I cannot divert any funding at this time!

Although, the daily attention to cleansing, astringents, sunblock and creams of any kind will give you a snowy white, clean, and enlighten glow. That is what they say away. The people remarking are total strangers. The families of our live thousands of miles away for years even. Have a facial and watch for signs your Doctor mentions, my Doctor is observant and relevant!


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