“U “Can’t” Copyright!” – “It Is The Law!”


1. copyright-internet.htm
2. facts_5620418_copyright-infringement-laws.html
3. 92chap5.html

Hi “Fab!”

“Brite-minds think alike!” But not when it’s copied! “Agreed!” [There I have coined a phrase for us. It is a new slant on a renowned-infamous theme that “we” seem to deserve. While we have the “inside-take” on “whats likely to get swepted under that “lying-rug!”] “Sad to find ‘dull-irritating out-takes’ along with the ‘dated bravo head-liners’ still being ‘reworded from others,’ even! In oh, so, so many ways by so many in the peanut galleries!” Talk about beating a “dead subject-‘published’-‘by-another’ to-death!” “Only a liar or idiot would deny it!”

Perhaps, to only post on subjects and people that we like – only! “With copy write symbols attached!” Maybe then it would be less likely to find the constant restating and stipulating and ‘”even (“plagiarizing-for-some=the nerve!”) “Plus, the thinking they are invisible!” All just for the sake of copping more appealingly fonder to sound more knowledgeable and astute and least I forget to mention Caroline also. “Imitators really and truly, wants to be like their the one they are stealing thunder from – duh-dink-darn it!” You know what they say: “Imitation is the highest form of flattery!” Although, “everyone ‘in the know’ ‘knows this is just a crock’ – ‘Tom Foolery,’ a ‘misnomer,’ and an ‘ill faded’ ‘attempt to ‘mask’ ‘lies of plagiarizing another because they feel inferior!'”

So, Caroline is not alone, just lonely, over there where she is. If only “those whom extol her innocence and her charms – that which they share in like form!” Just would “hustle” over to her blog page they may all gain strength in the throngs of their bending the truths and praying for the virtues of those they want to posses.Well, at least one will have to be wholesome, for any righteousness to come of it. Other wise it will be those in denial yessing each other to death! Make it sad Caroline only has supporters not able to come clean!

P.S. Check the style of post and it’s poster (“impostor”) as far back as you may research! You will discover the style along with the personality and the truth of an author! And when “they decided to jump the tracks” and “encapsulate the identity of an author” that they want to convey as themselves – other wise infringing on copywriters style. Do not kid yourself – you will see “infringements violations” – it takes out right “deception to own this caper!”

Would this be something Caroline would approve, maybe not though, maybe she would draw the line here! I am going to befriend her and see if we may make head way in helping her back peddle herself into clearer coasting for herself. Ponder … I wonder if she would copy write off another? It would be very, very, “vile – bile” if she were to and equally as reaveling as being recorded on live T.V.! Hah! I feel she is trap in a corner of her own doing yet, she is a soul in need of a friend, also!


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