At Times …

At Times ...

At Times

I post with dilibirate errors in spelling, style, puncuation and grammar! I am planting examples so that when they are copied they will reveal themselves as being utilized by others who seek to emulate the sayings in my posts. I leaned a unique way t0 add flair to my style!  When I see the errors – I prove my understanding of why I am annoyed by the  infingements of a personal writing style. Contray to useless opinions, it is not flattering. It is an indication of the the small amount time people give their own thoughts and their ability to think!

As long as I remember  lectures and personal  stories, I will plant unique identifing errors for others to infrige upon! Check dates of posters remarks and go back into their prior comments and posts. The copy writing theft will be apparent!

While part of me is tried! The assurance that I have planted a “mine field” around to offending parties! I know what I think! I do not what to read all about it while I read the message board. As the plagerizers masqurade what they read in my words.


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